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Argument Essay写作Tips奉上

      Argument Essay是众多留学Essay作业中比较常见的一种,也是让我们很多留学生最为苦恼的作业类型之一。但是很多不知道怎么写好Argument Essay,本文Top论文网小编为大家分享一些写作Tips。
 Argument Essay写作Tip
Argument Essay写作Tip

       Argument Essay Introduction写作Tips:

      1.Set the context by addressing the topic in a general manner
      Include background information with a short analysis and development of the debate背景,发展现状
      2.Review the topic and explain why it is important
      Answer this:Why should the reader care about the issue?
      4.Present a concise thesis statement(包括有关topic的观点和自己的立场)

      Argument Essay Body Paragraph写作Tips:

      Body paragraph是陈述理由和支持的黄金地段
      2.Connect the body of each paragraph to your thesis statement
      Provide multiple,detailed examples per paragraph that explain why the evidence supports the thesis从正面论证自己的观点
      3.Discuss opposing viewpoints of each paragraph's main idea
      Explain how the opposing arguments do not align with your thesis(rather than just dismissing them outright)反面论证,通过论证与自己观点相悖观点的漏洞,并比较利弊,使文章更有说服力
      数据和引言Use statistical evidence&Incorporate empirical research through surveys and interviews
      1.raw numbers(117 million visitors to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,),
      2.averages(women's bowling teams drink on average two pitchers less then men's'),
      3.statistical probabilities('crossing North Main during rush hour increases your chances of death 20%'),and
      4.statistical trends('applications have risen 40%over the past three years').
      1.First-hand testimony can help give the audience a sense of being there.
      2.Experts backed by more formal knowledge,methods,and training

      Argument Essay Conclusion写作Tips:

      Summary of essay argument
      Restatement of the significance of the topic(Optional)
      Give opinions,provide issues to improve situation
      其实Argument essay写作最需要的是发散思维,尽量多角度地选取论点,来令自己有话可说。字数不够时,引用切题的reference往往有奇效。