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Study Proposal怎么写?附范文

很多国外的大学都会要求学生,尤其是postgraduate students在新学期的初期就提交一份study proposal,这样做的目的是希望每个学生能够在新学期的开始阶段就能够对自己将来想要研究的方向有一个大概的预想。
Study Proposal怎么写?附范文
虽然大多数学生在这个阶段并一定完全清楚自己想要重点关注的research direction,但是这样一个机会可以帮助我们更好地了解自己并且认真考虑自己的职业生涯规划。

一份合格的study proposal通常是你未来dissertation或者thesis的大纲,写好这份paper可以引导每一个同学将有限的时间和精力放在自己最有兴趣的领域。

今天HotEssay就来交流一篇服装设计专业的study proposal,大家可以看看如何才能针对老师给出的要求写一篇条理清晰且专业的thesis study proposal.

先来看看题目:Analyze the contribution that costume makes to the development of character and narrative in a particular production (theatre, film or TV). (字数要求No more than 400 words)


      The interaction between costumes and the characters is always intricate. For me, the experience of watching a movie or a live performance is more than just enjoy the excitement and pleasure of the story or the acting of performers. It also includes the gratification of appreciatingthe beautiful costumes, accessories, and other relevant compositions.

      In many cases, costumes play an overriding role which becomes a symbol of the show. For instance, the black tutu dress, glittery tiara and theatrical makeup are the symbol of Black Swan which would give the audience a strong visual impact. Apart from building a bridge between the characters and the viewers, costume design involves a much profound understanding of contemporary art as well as social and cultural spheres.

      Deborah (2012) suggests that costumes can reach into the very soul of the characters and analyze the characters’ apparels is an effective way to fathoming the protagonists’ personality traits and the historical background of the show.

      In the future studies of costume design, I intend to focus on elements that are essential to be a qualified costume designer. These qualities may include studying fashioning histories and trends, learning how to choose the best combination of fabrics, colours, and embellishments for apparels, using computer programs to create designs and making clothes and accessory by hand.

      I have always believed that successful costume designers need to work in multiple dimensions. They have to work in the emotional realm as much as they are working in the sensory realm. Being able to capture the theme of the production and present it with creativity is the purpose of studying the course. That's why I want to immerse myself in an academic environment to get more inspirations and turn abstract ideas into practical realization.

      As for my future thesis project, I am more fascinated by the theatre show especially musical performance; that is why I want to focus my research thesis on live performance such as Riverdance.

      Live performance requires costumes serve as the centerpiece of the narratives developed live by the actors and actresses within a limited time and space. The design of stage garments is challenging because a theatre show puts everyone in a minimalist time.

      Therefore, costume designers have to explore the root of the show. In the case of Riverdance, it originates from Irish mythology, and hence designers should research the central idea from it then create the entire ensemble based on their understanding of the cultural and historical background of the show.