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跨文化交际属于社会学范畴,它指本族语者与非本族语者之间的交际, 也指任何在语言和文化背景方面有差异的人们之间的交际。通俗来说就是如果你和外国人打交道(由于存在语言和文化背景的差异),应该注意什么问题,应该如何得体地去交流。



In recent years , with quality education attached great importance to , family education has become a hot topic of social concern . There are obvious differences in family education between China and Western countries . For China and the United States , different concepts of education and the ways of educating , resulted in the obvious difference when their children has grown up . The article attempts to analyze the differences in Chinese and Western family education , and the causes of forming the differences . Besides , it provides a conducive family educational recommendations.

Key words Family education Ways of educating Values Difference


Family education indicates the influence to the development of children in the process of communicating between parents and a child . It is also the most important one among all the ways of education . In view of many differences in culture , economy , family background , educated ways , hence it results in the obvious difference in family education between China and Western countries . To recognize the fact correctly will promote the development of family education in our country . For Chinese families , what they focus on is “ order ” and “ obedience ” , while they pay attention to “ fairness ” and “ freedom ” in West .Chinese parents are dominators who control their children , thus what the children only do is to accept all the arranged things submissively . Parents always decide their children‟s natural development . Consequently , they have deprived of free agency of children . However , in Western countries , parents often focus on children‟s decision-making power .Under the permitted circumstances by society , children is allowed the roblem they have met .

1.Chinese familys’ ways of educating .

1.1 On studying

Chinese parents pay a special attention to their children „s achievement in learning . No matter what their children want , they will satisfy children‟s all the needs only is children can get a perfect performance in examination . Therefore , in daily life ,children are demanded to reading , practice and learning . As a result , their genius are ignored . Parents limit children‟s creativity .Consequently , in order to cultivate the so-called genius but snuff out a real genius . Besides ,Chinese family education , the inculcated education which asks children to recite some experienced knowledge without any comprehension . Thus it leads to kill the children‟s imagination and creativity .At the same time ,Chinese children is lacking of operating by hand .

1.2 On life

At first , what most of Chinese parents is always thinking is how to protect their own child , when his child quarrels even fights with others .Even if they know their children have made a mistake , they still try to have their children got rid of the responsibility . Under this condition ,the conflicts is often raised between the two sides of parents . Besides , in China , it is the common fact that parents help their children wash clothes , make a bed ,etc . They even want to help their children resolve any problems that their children have faced . They dote their children and afraid them being suffered and tired . Finally , many parents will satisfy their children any economic needs , without hesitation and limits , even if the family is poor , let alone what the rich do . As a result , children have no awareness of saving money in life , because they think it can be acquired easily . Day by day , children take it for granted that their parents give them money forever and without any requirements . I had ever seen a news “ It is said that a son killed his mother , only because the mother didn‟t give him enough money to play net games .” What a astonished news ! We can see some educational problems from it that spoil will eventuall lead to bitter fruit .

1.3On the relationship between children and parent

In china , parents always say something like these , “ You must … , You have to … , You should … ” . In their views , children is their private property . They can treat their children in any way what they want to take . Besides , children have few access to communicate with their parents . At the same time , as children afraid their parents , little by little , reverse psychology appeared . Thus may make children develop themselves under the condition of departing the normal orbit . Based on the two points I have mentioned , a gap have emerged between parents and children . Children aren‟t willing to tell their true thought to their parents . Actually speaking , it is bad for children‟s development .

2.Western families ways of educating.

2.1 On studying

In Western countries , parents focus on that children can “ realize ” knowledge by thinking . So they encourage their children to find something new , to operate , to dare to bring forward questions . When foreign teachers have classes , they often say “ Questions ? Any questions ? I like questions ” In fact ,parents is also like teachers . They rouse children‟s imagination and creativities . They allow their children query and challenge the knowledge in the book . So most of western children think actively , operate masterly.

2.2 On life

Western countries advocate a independent life , parents think it is the most important for children to cultivate the ability of independent , and children are asked to make a decision by themselves without parent involving . Besides , parents give their children money regularly . In addition , they encourage their children to do some part-time jobs . In order to cultivate strong quality of hard-working , children would rather be suffered rather than be coddled . Moreover , parents educate their children to donate and save money .

2.3 On relationship between parents and childre

In western families , children often call their parents‟ name directly . They wouldn‟t be blamed because there is a democratic equal relationship betwee

arents and children . Few parents compel their children to obey their thoughts . They won‟t ask their children to lead a life according to their way of life . What I have just mentioned is good for children to communicate with their parents . Children and parents , think each other as friends .

3.Chinese families’ values of educating

In China , parents ask their children to go to school in order that their children can make a living . In parents‟ opinion , degree is the most important . Children must be educated in a serious way and get a good performance . Only in this way can they get the degree , thereby obtaining a decent job . If their children do good in studying , parents will hold their head high and lift up their horn . Parents tell their children to combine their own interest with their family‟s interest . Therefore , for a child ,to go to school is not only for the sake of themselves , but also the whole family‟s . Children should assume the responsibility to get a decent job for family‟s face . What‟s more ,in China , parents from different families always like comparing their children . Parents often take their own children‟s advantages to compare other children‟s disadvantages , thereby achieving to comfort themselves . Parents also chat about children‟s grade . “ whose child is the first ? whose child is admitted to a famous university ? ” Parents will feel lose face if their children have poor learning performance.

4.Western families’ values of educating .

In Western countries , parents teach their children how to survive in the competitive society . Children learn knowledge ,without utilitarianism , and they just learn something that they are interested . In western parents‟ views ,one person‟s ability is the most important in all learning . They focus on that children‟s comprehensive quality should be cultivated .Therefore , for a child , to occupy enough abilities is much more important than to learn knowledge . What‟s more , in western families ,individual interest is separated with the whole family‟s . They attach importance to individual freedom and power .

5.The cause of forming the difference .

5.1 The different background of economics.

For China ,on one hand, backward economics , pressured survival , a “ Degree of social ” whose the mobility of industry is not very good . As a result , Chinese often want to devote their whole life to the one job . On the other hand , social pension insurance in China is not perfect . Parents consider their children‟ education from the perspective of personal pension . However , in western countries , especially the United States , the advanced productive forces , developed economic , small pressure on the survival . What‟s more , America is a “ Ability of social ” . It has sound employment mechanism , and the mobility of industry is good .Economic conditions are good ,sound endowment insurance ,parents do not think raising children is to support them . They have no worries , as long as the child is 18 years old , and became an person who has responsibility and compassion , the parents have fulfilled their obligations .

5.2 The different background of history culture.

China has a long history which influence Chinese generations , especially the feudal consciousness in the feudal society . People is often conservative and they afraid of adventure . “ deference ” and “ obedience ” are the symbol of “ good child ” .It leads part of children to have contorted their thought . By contrast , western countries , like America , has a short history . Few old thought is kept , under the influence of the multi-cultural , and ideological values , they can accept the new things quickly . In addition , they have the spirit of adventure and innovation .

5.3 The different social system

China is a socialistic country which appeals to collectivism that should give up the individual interest and protect the collectivity‟s when the two sides raise a conflict . If someone pay more attention himself and ignore the others , collectivity , he will be blamed for his selfishness . However , western countries belong to capitalistic society , which advocate individualism . Pursuing private interest and power is attached importance to . Western culture is based on an individual , emphasis on personal freedom and power , so parents emphasis on the cultivation of personality .

6.Recommendations on family educatio

At first , we should modernize the value of family education . Moder

ystem of family education should be established as soon as possible . We also need to set up a system which can help family education . Secondly , parents should strength the awareness of democracy . It is necessary for parents to communicate with their own children as much as possible . And parents have the responsibility to respect the decisions of children . Thirdly , parents are also “ teachers ” who should often encourage their own “ students ” rather than scold them . Parents should try to lead their children in a positive way . Finally, parents should widen their thoughts on educating children and amplify the open awareness.


Family education in China is very different from western‟s . We should remove the dross and seize the essence , catch the opportunity to promote the modernization of family education . Education world ,each complementary and common development .


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