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After taking your exams, you have the semester break to rest and wait for your results. The efforts you exerted in your study will earn you the results you aimed for. However, there are times when it was not enough and you need to resit the examination. You are disappointed with the result, you need to go through the whole process again, and get better results.

Instead of feeling down because the result you got is not what you desired, use your semester break to prepare well for your resit to achieve the best results that you possibly can. Follow these simple tips that will help you prepare and get better results to proceed with your degree programme.

Ask Your Tutor or Lecturer

Whether you are shocked with the result or already have an idea where you went wrong, asking your lecturer or tutor is very important. They know best about your subject, why your answers earned the corresponding results, and how you can write the best answers that you can to get your desired results. Make a quick review of your answers and lessons. Ask your tutor or lecturer what needs to be improved or changed with your answers and how you can do so.

Get Help from Your Course Mates and Friends

Make your resit preparation a happy battle with your course mates and friends as positive support group. You and those who also need to resit can encourage one another. Get advice, tips and helpful books and revision notes from those who have done well.

Put the Work In

Advice and help from lecturers, tutors, course mates, and friends – though important – are just a part of your resit preparation. You need to do some hard and smart work. Quickly plot a schedule of the times you will dedicate to studying and other times for rest and recreation. You need to follow this plan. See to it that you deviate from it only a very few times. Make sure that you make the most of the two or three hours you have set for reviewing and reorganising your knowledge.

Focus Now

There is time for everything. The days of preparing for your resit is time to focus on your academics. Yes, you can rest or reward yourself at the end of the day. Nevertheless, make sure that you continually prepare yourself to study every day. Focus during your notes re-writing time and see to it that your relaxation or play time will not hinder you from being mentally and physically strong for another study day tomorrow.

Think of the Rewards

Again, make your exam resit preparation a happy battle. Whether you are studying with friends or by your lonesome, remind yourself that you can relax and have more fun after this and get better results from your resit. Condition your mind to these rewards, set them aside and focus on doing the work needed.

Rise, Get Down to Work, Resit, Get Better Results!

Resitting exams can be a very daunting prospect. You need to prepare better for it and get better results. Review your notes and your answers, then ask your lecturers or tutors to comment on them and give you advise on how to improve them. Enlist your course mates and friends as study buddies and get tips from them. Work hard and smart as you revise your notes. Focus on the task at hand and get motivation from getting better results, being able to play after it, and progressing towards your degree.