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Impressively, humans are the only creatures produced by evolution that are capable of understanding evolution. In Becoming Human: Anthropology, you can explore how evolution works and how variation arises.

Find out why, of all the orders of life, primates produced us. How did apes start to look like us, walk on two feet and grow big brains that over the past 200,000 years have figured out where we came from? This course will give you some thought-provoking answers.


What will I learn?

Basic evolutionary concepts

The traces of human evolution in our bodies

Darwin’s contributions to evolutionary theory

The genetic dimensions of human evolution

The processes of cooperation and symbiosis

Niche creation, learning, and other types of inheritance

The differences between men and women

Why sex is so important to evolution

The role of our needy babies

'Natural’ human sexuality

What brains are good for

The cost of having a big brain

Tools, technology and new evolutionary tricks

Whether or not human evolution is over

关于人类学的网课,国内的同学还可以观看剑桥大学Alan Macfarlane社会人类学教授的网课,课程地址: