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校对你的工作。检查拼写,语法等。确保你的名字是在所有的工作。如果你需要把你的计划的海报板或做封面 - 有创意,装饰它!不要去疯狂的闪光,胶水,标记和东西,但不要添加边框的东西或美化的东西,所以人们对它有兴趣和边境或装饰吸引他们的目光。不出去的话题。如果你的项目是企鹅然后挂上企鹅的照片或者办边防冰。
How to Complete a Project on Time
Review the rubric for the project to make sure you are clear on the directions. If your teacher did not give you a rubric then write all the components of the project on a sheet of paper. If you are unclear on any of the directions then ask your teacher first so you don't end up doing the wrong thing.

Mark the due date of the project on your calendar or agenda. It's for your good because if you have the wrong time for the due date, you might mess up and fail.
Briefly, make "due dates" for each part of the project. For example, you might want to do a component on each day, 4 a week, or whatever suits your needs. Make sure when you are planning the due dates that you are scheduled to finish your project *at least* one day before the due date. By doing this you can allow time for last minute changes or if you had any questions for the teacher you can ask them. When you mark due dates you ensure that you will keep on track.
Work on the project and complete each task by the date you planned. Cross off each component or task on your rubric as you complete them until you are done.

Proofread your work. Check for spelling, grammar, etc. Make sure your NAME is on all the work. If you are required to put your project on poster board or make a cover page--be creative, decorate it! Don't go crazy with glitter, glue, markers and things but DO add a border to something or embellish something, so people are interested in it and the border or decorations catch their eyes. Don't go out of topic. If your project is on penguins then put up photos of penguins or maybe do the border as ice.
Now one last time, check to make sure you completed all the components on the rubric. Teachers might grade it early which means they have little to nothing to compare it to so they're more likely to be lenient. Also, when projects are neat, organized, and it looks like you took time on it they are more likely to let things slide.