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美国诗歌Poetry Essay代写主题简介及范文

美国Poetry Essay代写

诗歌鉴赏,美国诗歌为主题的Poetry Essay代写本文通过介绍介绍埃米莉·伊丽莎白·狄更生,美国诗人。诗风凝炼,比喻尖新,常置格律以至语法于不顾。生前只发表过10首诗,默默无闻,死后近70年开始得到文学界的认真关注,被现代派诗人追认为先驱。与同时代的惠特曼,一同被奉为美国最伟大诗人,后世对她的诗艺、恋爱生活、性取向多有揣测。写诗歌类的essay,你需要寻找一个关注的焦点,本文提供了一些关于米莉·伊丽莎白·狄更生的话题,探究诗歌背后的含义。当然每个人针对这些都有不同诗词都有不同的理解,那么我们如果想写关于诗歌的论文?哪些问题是必须要注意的呢?文章我们会给出Topics以及末尾的范文,大家可以参考!

In our 10 facts on poems by Emily Dickinson for a college essay you came across interesting facts about the life and inspirations of Emily Dickinson. Your next concern was probably looking for a specific focus, so we provided you with 20 topics on poems by Emily Dickinson for a college essay. There was also a sample essay at the end of that guide, if you recall. Now that you’ve finalized the topic your research material, let’s discuss the actual essay.
Just like every other academic essay, if you’re willing to write one on the poems of Emily Dickinson, then it would also need a thesis. The main idea behind such an essay should be summarizing the thought process of Ms. Dickinson so that your readers can understand the true meaning of her poems.

Poetry Essay代写– Understanding the What

Essays about poetry revolve around understanding the thought process of a poet. This analysis could be about one poem or a collection, since we’ve covered Ms. Dickinson’s entire life, you can choose a topic more broadly.
Thesis Statement

Every poem has its own meaning behind it and it doesn’t matter how straightforward they are, because we all have different interpretations. Ms. Dickinson’s work had a lot of layers, hence it’s very much possible that interpretations of different people may not be similar. There are three important questions that you need to ask yourself in order to make the perfect thesis statement:

1. What is the poem is about and why was it written this way?

2. Why did Ms. Dickinson choose to go with particular words and metaphors in her work?

3. What is the desired effect that Ms. Dickinson wanted to achieve?

Connecting the Thesis to the Outline
Answer the questions above and you’ll be able to write a good thesis. Your essay from here onwards should be about your own arguments. The thesis, however, needs to be specific; your statement needs to resonate with the thought process of Emily Dickinson and your arguments should not only support your interpretations, but also prove them.
The Outline

Break your essay into three parts:

1. Introduction

2. Argument

3. Conclusion

The introduction kicks off your essay and this is where you give your statement thesis and define the boundaries of your essay. The second portion, arguments, should be roughly between 3 to 5 paragraphs and every paragraph should be convincing and supportive to your arguments. Ms. Emily is a well-researched poet of American literature and there are a lot of books available on her poetic themes; go through them and discuss the themes in your own words in the arguments section. Finally, the conclusion portion should conclude the essay by knitting together the introduction and the arguments.

There you have it, this was the final guide in our long list of guides. You are now fully equipped to write a compelling essay on poems by Emily Dickinson. We wish you the best!

Our previous guide had stated a lot of interesting facts about the life of Emily Dickinson, one of America’s most renowned poet and writer, and what factors affected her work. By now we believe that you’ll have enough information to dig into books and look for great topics.

For your convenience and know-how, here are 20 topics on poems by Emily Dickinson for a college essay:

1. Gifts of Benjamin Franklin Newton to Emily Dickinson

2. Role of Susan Gilbert in Emily Dickinson Poetry

3. Emily Dickinson’s Contribution to the Category of Gospel Poems

4. How Did Emily Dickinson Teenage Life Affect Her Earlier Work?

5. The Mystery of “The Master Letters” by Emily Dickinson

6. Was Emily Dickinson Religious and Did This Play a Role in Her Work?

7. The Symbolic Importance of Flowers and Gardens in Emily Dickinson’s Work

8. Did the Romantic Master Poems Refer to Actual Persons?

9. Emily Dickinson’s Contribution to Feminism

10. The Relationship Between Emily’s Mother’s Illness and Her Dedication to Writing Poetry

11. Why Did Emily Dickinson Make Her Sister Promise to Burn Her Papers?

12. The Interaction Between Thomas Wentworth Higginson and Emily Dickinson

13. Emily Dickinson’s Fascination with Death and Illness

14. Was the Relationship Between Emily Dickinson and Benjamin Franklin Newton Productive for Emily’s Writing?

15. The Journey of Emily Dickinson Writing Her Manuscript and 800 Poems from 1858 to 1865

16. The Springfield Republican Publication of Emily Dickinson’s Work

17. Effects Of Emily Dickinson’s Sexuality on Her Poems

18. Emily Dickinson’s Descent into Depression

19. Emily Dickinson and the Undiscovered Continent

20. Lack of Poems in the Year 1866 and the Reasons Behind it

Emily Dickinson paved the road for several poets, especially female ones. Although she wasn’t appreciated as an author during her life, doubted by several of her peers, she gained all her fame after death, when her sister found hundreds of letters and poems. Throughout her life Emily opted to be secluded instead of being hungry for publication and fame.

Our previous guide 10 facts on poems by Emily Dickinson for a college essay gives you plenty of concrete information on the Poems by Emily Dickinson. Now we have given you 20 interesting topics from which you can choose one to write a highly informative and impressive college essay. Our aim is to help you focus on one aspect of the Emily’s life, because there were several incidents including certain people and loses which influenced her writing style over the years. But we aren’t just going to help you with the basics and leave you high and dry; the next guide how to write an essay on a poem by Emily Dickinson will have pointers to help you get started.

Here is a sample essay on one of the topics mentioned above. By reading the essay below you’ll know how to research your college essay on poems by Emily Dickinson. We wish you all the best and if you have any queries, do drop us an email.

Sample Essay: The Interaction Between Thomas Wentworth Higginson and Emily Dickinson
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, an ex-minister, a critic of literature and a radical abolitionist, wrote a column for The Atlantic Monthly titled “Letter to a Young Contributor”. In this column, Mr. Higginson spoke in reference to upcoming writers looking to make a name for themselves and urged them to “Charge Your Style with Life”. He offered them professional advice so that they could catch their big break. This caught the eye of Emily Dickinson.

Ms. Dickinson decided to establish contact with Higginson in 1862 as she was contemplating publication. She understood that it was becoming increasingly difficult just writing poetry without readership, and more generally speaking, an audience. Dickinson reached out to Higginson in order to seek guidance she sent him a beautiful letter which goes by the name “My Verse Is Alive”.

The letter is considered to be a theatrical display of Dickinson’s talents. Although she didn’t sign it, she did write her name on the letter and sent it to Higginson with a gift of four poems. Mr. Higginson was unaware about the publication history of Dickinson, which is  why after appreciating her talents and telling her how impressed he was with it, he told her to write a little more before seeking publication.

Ms. Dickinson replied in the humblest of fashion; instead of showing anger and resentment for not appreciating her talent, she told him that the fame of being published was an absolute foreign element to her. Though she did mention that if she was destined to be famous, then she wouldn’t try running away from it. In her letters, she displayed her literary prowess through dramatization and mystery. She told him about her preference of solitude, expressing how she found solace in the company of hills, the sunrise and her pet dog Carlo. She explained to him that her mother didn’t approve of her aspirations and her father was a little supportive because he brought her books, even though he feared that too much reading might plunge her into depression.

Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson became good friends. Dickinson referred to Higginson as “Dear Friend” in her letters while signing them off with “Your Scholar”. The interactions between the two were a morale boost for Dickinson, which certainly reflected in her work as well. She went as far as claiming that Higginson saved her life back in 1862. Both of them remained excellent friends till Emily’s untimely death, though Emily never asked for a publication favor.  Despite this being unnerving for Higginson, he never pushed her to go ahead with a project.
Several critics, including the famous Edmund Wilson, claimed that if Emily had any interest in being published, she would have done so in a heartbeat. It was only after Emily Dickinson’s death that her work emerged and she became a symbolic icon in America’s literary history. That’s how the interaction between Thomas Wentworth Higginson and Emily Dickinson affected her work.


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