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图解Research Paper Results写法技巧(附范文)

图解Research Paper Results写法技巧


介绍实验结果的每一方面时,可以按照“整体-具体”的方式(general-specific manner):先陈述总体趋势,然后添加实验数据用以支持作者的结论。一般而言,Results的组成部分和写作方法技巧如下:


1 介绍实验的过程、流程及相关的结果


research paper写作技巧

2 视觉化实验结果


主动式: Figure 3 (Table 1) shows (depicts, summarizes, demostrates, suggests, displays…)…


被动式: An example interface model is shown (presented, listed, tabluated, plotted) in Fig. 1.

paper results写作

括号式: The 2-NB photoreaction (Fig.1) proceeds via …

As-clause: As can be seen in Figure 3, …


3 结果部分的每一方面都要按照“整体-具体”的方式撰写


    Almost twice as many […]
    A marginally smaller percentage of […]
    Close to three times as many […]
    Ten-fold larger […]
    Slightly over twice as many […]
    X exceeded Y in […]


With the exception of […]
    Apart from […]
    Except for […]
    Minimum and maximum daily temperatures are projected to change by slightly different amounts, which leads to changes in diurnal temperature range as shown in Table 3. The most appreciable change is in summer, where there is a positive increase in diurnal range by approximately a degree.
    Overall, inclusions of dairy powders reduced loaf volume by about 6%.
    However, increasing inclusions gave a recovery in loaf volume in the case of mlk nac and mpi, whereas the opposite was the case for dwp, klc and to a lesser extent smp (Fig. 1).

4 在大体趋势结论后介绍更为详细的实验结果



5 对实验结果的评价分析

这一部分内容主要是针对那种结果和讨论(Results and Discussion)复合在一起的文章。此时,作者不仅仅是介绍实验结果和发现,而且解释理解这些实验结果、现象,同时也引入其他研究者的文献表明相同或者类似的研究结果,用以佐证自己的研究,此时的语气应该较为谨慎,并表现学术研究方面的中立与谦逊(Modesty),并要对此带来的争论和辩论有所预计——绝对的真理是不存在的,争论倒是永远存在。

Dairy proteins contain strong water absorptive properties, which may, in turn, lead to finer, denser crumb structures in the baked product (Stahel 1983). This was particularly evident for the breads containing smp and mpi (P<0.001). A strong positive correlation was obtained in the current study between crumb hardness and loaf volume (r=0,86, P<0.001). Kadharmestan et al. (1998) found similar increased crumb hardness properties in studies involving whey protein concentrate in wheat bread. Such firming may be attributed to the retrogradation of the wheat starch fraction as described by Schoch and French (1947)

最后,在Results内容的结尾部分,作者应该总结一下主要的研究发现、结果。对于复合式的结果和讨论(Results and Discussion) ,意外的实验数据和不满意的实验数据也应该加以说明——也许这些实验过程操作无误但”看起来错误“的结果数据正蕴含着重要信息。

However, results from in vitro antifungal assays using control plant extract spiked with different concentrations of D4E1 (0 to 900 um) were inconclusive. Antifungal effects were observed only at levels greater than 50 uM and this did not correlate with the in vitro antifungal effects of purified D4E1.

The use of acid-base indicators to determine the end point for 2-NB photochemical titrations was somewhat problematic. Some of the indicators (e. g., phenolphthalein) absorbed photons in the same wavelength region as 2-NB and slowed the reaction. Other actinometers (e.g., bromcresol green) produced a colored product when the endpoint was reached which was masked by the yellow color of the 2-nitrosobenzoic acid product from 2-NB photolysis.

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