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Conclusion Paragraph用这几个方法写,不蓝瘦,不香菇!

不论是中文论文还是英文论文,文章的开头和结尾是最重要的。好开头可以吸引读者、抓住读者注意力。同样,好结尾会使读者对全文中心思想留下深刻印象,可以增添文章效果和说服力,让人深思,回味无穷。Conclusion Paragraph结尾段的作用就是概括全文内容,进一步强调或肯定文章中心思想或者是用于展望未来,提出今后方向或令人深思问题给读者留下回味和思考余地。但是,如何才能写好英文短文结尾呢?下面就介绍几种Conclusion Paragraph写作最常用方法:


例1:A sense of humor is really one of the keys to happiness. It gives zest to life to make it worth living.
        例2:with all these benefits,it is no wonder that sports and games have no become more popular with people than ever.


例1:In conclusion,a good teacher-student relationship can be mutual beneficial. The students gain knowledge eagerly and enjoyably,and the teacher gains satisfaction from his job.
        例2:On the hole there are more advantages than disadvantages in the use of TV. Yet different people may have different attitude toward TV. But e must realize that television in itself is neither good nor bad. Its value to people and society depends on ho e look at it.


例1:If you have anything to do,try to do it yourself,for that is the safest ay to permanent success. Remember the famous saying. “God helps those ho help themselves.”
        例2:If e stick to studies day after day,there is nothing that can’t be achieved. As an old saying goes:“Constant dropping of water ears away a stone.”


例1:Therefore,listening skills must be consciously improved. Since it is such an important means of learning and communication,why should e not develop this ability as far as possible?
        例2:So,hat can e benefit from wealth if e do not have health?


例1:I am sure that Chinese ill become one of the most important languages in the world in the next century. As China ill open further to the outside world the language is sure to be spread world widely.
        例2:If everyone has developed good manners,people ill form a more harmonious relation. If everyone behaves considerately towards others and social ethics people ill live in a better world. with the general mood of society improved,there ill be a progress of civilization.