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Critical Essay总是拿不到高分?试试用上这些句型

Critical Essay写作
        Critical Essay写作的最大特点:

写出一个好的Critical Essay需要经历以下6个阶段:

撰写Critical Essay的Tips:

以上是一些关于Critical Essay Writing的基本要点,接下来HotEssay为大家整理了一些在Critical Essay写作的时候比较常用的句型,大家可以根据自己的需要活学活用~

提出理论或论据时可以用到的critical essay语句:
        There are a number of strengths/weaknesses etc with this theory/argument. Firstly---Secondly ---More/most importantly/significantly ---.
        A (particular/important) strength of this is ---
        One/a further (major/key) criticism of Smith’s work is that ---
        A (serious) weakness/problem with this theory/argument/viewpoint/explanation/proposal/interpretation is that ---
        However, this fails to/does not appear to take account of ---
        What Smith fails to do is ---
        Smith fails to fully acknowledge the importance of/need for ---etc
        Smith offers no explanation for/omits to explain/mention ---
        This could be challenged on the basis that ---
        This relies too heavily on/places too much emphasis on ---
        A counter argument might be that ---
        It might be argued, however, that ---
        An alternative explanation might be that ---
        One question that might need to be asked is ---
        It is questionable whether ---
        There is an inconsistency in this argument: ---
        An apparent inconsistency/omission is that ---
        Smith contradicts himself in this when he states that ---
        This argument/theory etc does not/fails to stand up to scrutiny when considering ---
        This is/would not be appropriate in situations /cases where ---
        There are/could be difficulties/limitations with applying this in practice, however.
        This could present difficulties in practice. For example ---
        The practical implications of this need to be carefully considered.
        Implementation of this has not been without/has presented (considerable/numerous/some) difficulties.

与实践/方法/模型有关的critical essay句型:
        This has/had the benefit/positive effect/advantage of ---
        A positive outcome of this was ---
        This appears to have been successful largely because–
        This method/approach is particularly/mainly appropriate/useful in cases/circumstances where ---
        One/another problem/disadvantage/drawback with this method/approach is/was that ---
        This model/method/approach does/did not address/take account of ---
        Perhaps the most serious disadvantage/limitation of this method is ---
        There are a number of limitations when following this approach/using this method/model.
        This method/model has a number of limitations/disadvantages
        This method/approach does not lend itself to cases/situations where ---

        This has been criticised/challenged by –
        Critics (Smith, 2008; Jones, 2009) have argued that ---
        Many/some have challenged this on the grounds that ---

        A better/more systematic study would --- 
        It would be/would have been better/more beneficial/appropriate/useful/effective to --- 
        A better/more helpful etc approach/method etc would be/have been to--- 
        The X approach/model would be/have been more appropriate/beneficial in this case/these circumstances. 
        This situation/these circumstances would lend itself/themselves better to the X model/approach. 
        Further explanation/clarification/research is required/recommended. 
        以上这些Critical Essay句型在进行Critical Essay Writing中非常实用,有需要的同学们可以自行取用。Critical Essay写作非常需要Critical Thinking能力,这恰恰是我们中国留学生所欠缺的,所以在Critical Essay写作的时候往往都会遇到瓶颈。我们HotEssay拥有大批硕博海归精英Writer,有着国外地道的思维模式,能够帮助大家顺利完成Critical Essay代写任务,保质保量,值得信赖!如有需要赶紧咨询我们的客服MM吧~