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Sixth Tone:在这里读读中国,学点英文

        Sixth Tone
        Sixth Tone (第六声)是澎湃新闻团队在2016年4月推出的英文产品,植根日常中国,通过向西方受众讲述普通中国人的故事来传递新鲜的“第六声”-- Fresh voices from today's China

为什么叫Sixth Tone呢?官方是这样解释的:
        There are five tones in Mandarin Chinese. When it comes to coverage of China, Sixth Tone believes there is room for other voices that go beyond buzzwords and headlines to tell the uncommon stories of common people.
        Sixth Tone的编辑魏星在就接受《纽约时报》采访时说:Mandarin Chinese has five tones, including a lesser-known fifth, “no-tone” tone. We want to be the sixth one. We want to be fresh and different. 普通话有五个声调,包括人们相对不那么熟悉的“轻声”。我们想做第六声, 我们希望它新鲜而又与众不同
        Sixth Tone的网站很有意思(目前还没有app版本,但是有公众号),主页是简洁的图片加醒目标题的形式, 内容分为Rising Tones、Deep Tones和Broad Tones三大类:
        Rising Tones:简短、及时的新闻报道
        Deep Tones:深度报道或者特稿
        Broad Tones:评论和专栏

这些新闻和我们的日常相关,以西方用户的习惯讲给他们听。这些新闻中有“麦当劳四川辣酱遭疯抢” “微信投票成了花钱刷票” “微信黑人事件” “从谢帝的rap《瓜老外》聊聊方言和音乐” “中国人为啥爱喝热水?”... 总有一个话题让你忍不住打开。

在这里我们可以读一读熟悉又陌生的中国,顺便学一学英文。Sixth Tone上的稿件有的是直接用英文写的,有的是翻译过来的。例如讲中国人喜欢喝热水这篇文章就是经翻译和编辑后发出的,文笔我认为非常不错:
        These days, tourist destinations around the world are flooded with Chinese travelers bearing backpacks loaded with sloshing vacuum-sealed flasks. Age is no barrier when it comes to the country’s unquenchable thirst for throat-scalding liquid: Young and old alike are united in their appetite for refreshment served at lip-blisteringly warm temperatures, perhaps with a twist of goji berries, ginseng, or chrysanthemum flowers.
        The thermos is to the hot water devotee what the mohawk is to the punk rocker, what the polo neck sweater is to the art student. Chinese social media recently fizzed with discussion when Zhao Mingyi, the 50-year-old drummer in the hugely popular ’90s rock band Black Panther, was seen carrying a thermos in a photo posted to microblogging platform Weibo. “I couldn’t believe it!” the post read. “This onetime tough guy was coming toward me with a thermos clutched in his hands!”
        As China has modernized, food and drink that were once novelties have become widely consumed. Chinese people have grown used to the creaminess of milk and the complexity of red wine. They’re happy to chow down on cheese, bite into broccoli, and eviscerate avocados. Cold water, however, is a bridge too far. Why?

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