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Law Assignment写作高分tips分享!

law assignment写作
      很多留学生选择法学专业时,对于法学专业的作业估计没有什么概念,直到自己的assignment迟迟完成不了...今天Hotessay小编就给同学们分享关于law assignment写作一些高分小tips,快来看看吧!


      Issue: 最先定的就是issue,一般在描述facts后写,也可以直接写。


      *可以有多个issue/sub-issue/mini issue

      例子E.g. The issue in this scenario is whether A’s serving customer performance belongs to existing contractual duty. 

      Rule/Relevant law: 由某个case/statute引出的Principle/Definition

      例子E.g. In Wigan v Edwards (1973) 47 ALJR 586, the High Court stated (per Mason J at 594) the general rule as follows: 

      The general rule is that a promise to perform an existing duty is no consideration, at least when the promise is made by a party to a pre-existing contract, when it is made to the promisee under that contract, and it is to do no more than the promisor is bound to do under the contract.

      例子E.g. It is outlined in Wigan v Edwards that a promise to perform an existing duty is no consideration.


      同学们需要用到更多的case来argue前面的rule,证明是否可以运用Relevant Law来判定某件事(claim against others)。


      · Argument – Main point

      · Counter Argument – Challenge main point

      · Rebuttal – Further support for the main point




      · Issue+Relevant Law(建议写3-4行,字数500上下)

      · Application

      · Application
      · Application+Conclusion  



      1. 数量 ≥12;Outside Research ≥ 2

      2. Case 必须来源AU 

      3. Intext: A v B

      4. Footnote: e.g. A v B [1999]FCA 100.


      Full Stop.“.”



      5. Bibliography:A-Z排序,无需Full stop,具体见AGLC GUIDE

      以上就是Hotessay小编分享的在law assignment写作中需要注意的提分小tips,做好以上这些,相信同学们的assignment水平会提升一大截!需要assignment代写的同学可以扫描右边的二维码联系我们的客服哦!