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Critical Essay写作的究极奥义

critical essay写作
        Critical Essay写作的重点在于Critical,需要我们留学生在写的时候需要根据所Critical的对象(可以是所研究的book或者article中的数据和信息)形成自己positive和negative的观点分别进行阐述。HotEssay考虑到critical essay写作比较有难度,本文中HotEssay小编就给大家整理了critical essay的写作的一些注意事项,希望对大家有用。
        ①Critical essay must include analysis of the book in question.
        ②The analysis must contain brief explanation of the author’s main idea, point of view, facts the author uses to support his/her idea and action plan or suggestion in the book, if any.
        ③The second step of the analysis is to evaluate the data the author uses in terms of reliability, plausibility and explications.
        ④Critical essay must be informative, so as to put emphasis not on the subjective feelings, but on the facts, structure, and the way the literal text works.
        ⑤Criticism here is a means of analysis, but not the way to criticize by saying that something in the book is bad.
        ⑥Any idea and any claim must be supported with evidence, and the most useful and easiest way to provide it is citation of the literal work.
        ⑦When choosing a topic for a critical essay, do not try to write about everything, or you will simply get overwhelmed by the amount of material you have to fit into the limits of your essay. Thus, it is better to choose one aspect of the book under analysis and focus on it.
        ⑧Remember to proofread your essay to eliminate all typos and mistakes, stick to the format and provide a well-structured list of references.

        critical essay写作要有analysis,analysi是针对book或article中极具争议的问题展开的。
        ②critical essay的分析必须包括作者main idea、point of view、fact的简要介绍和解释说明,这些都是足以支撑作者的idea、action plan和suggestion的事实依据。
        ③critical essay分析的第二步是作者在分析过程中所评估和使用的data,重要评价data的可靠性、合理性、可解读性。
        ④critical essay必须是有教育性的,重点强调客观事实而非主观感受。
        ⑤criticism是一种分析方式,但是并不是说criticize book或article中所阐述的东西,而是辩证地看待。
        ⑥critical essay的写作,无论是任何idea,任何claim,都需要evidence的支撑,最有用的最容易的evidence提供方式是引用相关的文字作品。
        ⑦critical essay完成后,一定要记得proofreading,这一步是极为关键的,这样才能保证你的文章出现更少的typos和mistakes,才能保证essay格式的正确性和reference的合理性,才能为tutor呈现一篇优秀的critical essay。
        ⑧当为一篇critical essay选择一个topic的时候,不要试图事无巨细,你仅仅需要简单的选择、介绍能够表现essay主旨的内容 ,因此,最好选择book或article中记录一方面,然后加以重点解释分析。

        要想完成一篇优质的critical essay并不简单,需要很强的逻辑思维能力,还要有把思考内容转为文字的写作能力,这些往往都是我们中国留学生所欠缺的,我们HotEssay正是以此为使命,为留学生提供优质的学术写作服务,让大家的留学生活更简单,如有需要亲联系网站客服。